Sunday, March 11, 2007

Songs For Drella

Velvet Underground veterans Lou Reed and John Cale came together after their mentor Andy Warhol's death to create the 1990 album Songs for Drella. It's an homage to Warhol (Dracula + Cinderella = Drella, a fond nickname from the Sixties), but also a meditation on art, friendship and loss. The sound is stripped down and intense (though sometimes playful, too) -- Lou on electric guitar, Cale on keyboards and viola.

Mark Deming showers the album with various adjectives in his All Music review. Since I agree with his assessment, here they are: cerebral, literate, intimate, theatrical, tense/anxious, autumnal, confident, refined/mannered, bittersweet, reverent, wistful, plaintive, reflective, somber.

A beautiful, thoughtful album but not for all tastes. Just a few rockers here (like "Work," an anthem for artists of all kinds), yet a little too rough for tender classicists. It has been compared to a memorable novel in its staying power.


Open House
Style It Takes (Cale vox)
Trouble with Classicists (Cale vox)
Faces and Names (Cale vox)
Slip Away (A Warning)
It Wasn't Me
I Believe
Nobody But You
A Dream (Cale vox)
Forever Changed (Cale vox)
Hello It's Me

Today's Rune: Breakthrough.


Johnny Yen said...

Great record. I love how Lou stood up for Andy.

JR's Thumbprints said...

If it were two gals instead of two dudes perhaps it would've been "Cinderella + Dracula = Cinderacula." Just a thought.

Danny Tagalog said...

Another one I've overlooked - thinking it would be drab and uninspired. Which of course you've explained that it's not. I should look into Cale more - apart from his Island stuff there must be lots of (for me) unearthed gems.

The 'Work' track sounds interesting - it can't be a cover of the excellent Blue Orchids track - the under-rated Manc band who backed Nico in the early 80s can it? Wishful thinking...