Friday, April 13, 2007

Message In An Oil Drum: Tehran, 1979

Documents seized during the Iran Hostage Crisis (1979-1981) later made their way to publication in various forms before the internet's rise. Recently, I came across a photocopied PDF image of a letter addressed to Paul “Jerry” Bremer in 1979, the very guy G.W. Bush would send to “manage” Iraq in 2003. That tie-in, and the blatant comments about oil, make it relevant in 2007.

[Letterhead:] Embassy of the United States of America


September 2, 1979

L. Paul Bremer III, Esquire
Deputy Excutive Director
Department of State
Washington, D.C.

Dear Jerry:

I have been very busy lately and I’m a bit behind on my correspondence. You’ve been having your hands full moving into a new job, too, I suppose. I hope Francie and the kids are settling in all right. Sharon, I gather from her letters, is beginning to pace a bit in Michigan; if she can’t come out here fairly soon, she will move to Washington when school is out next year. Don’t say it: you told me so.

Things are quite exciting in Tehran. . .[apparently the same letter, page 2:] . . . What of the implications for US interests? . . . our interest in continued access to Iran’s oil should be safeguarded by the new government’s ability to maintain order in the oil fields and its need for earnings. Our interest in Iran’s spending its oil earnings in the US should be advanced (if we don’t blow it by not responding to expressions of interest) . . .

Finally, a confident Khomeini [i.e. the Iranian leadership] with a good grip on things at home and much skepticism of things Western is going to give us real problems on many multilateral issues. We need him at least as much as he needs us in the near term and so we don’t have much to threaten him with. Particularly on Middle East policy, he is going to be a contrary force we will have to reckon with.

cc: CHG: Vtomseth [Victor L. Tomseth, Senior Political Officer, US Embassy in Tehran, Iran, later taken hostage]


JR's Thumbprints said...

The revolution may not be televised, however, word is spreading through the internet and people will speak their minds come election day.

Danny Tagalog said...

I hope the minds are read correctly by those e-booths...

Speaking of which in the British Guardian paper last week, there was an unbelievable piece on what the world WILL be like by 2035. Yes, 'microchips' and a 'revolutionary middle class'.

Something is afoot alright.

Oh, more Leonard - purchased 4 of his elpees. Wonderful, and perhaps the song Anthem - is my current fave. There's a real message of hope about every 'structure' having cracks to let the light in....

Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, some sensitive stuff in print. Goes to show the self-interest involved at all levels.