Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Meeting Resistance

The President and the Congress of the USA are now going head to head over Iraq and any number of other critical issues. Checks and balances are back in action -- as befits a democratic republic.

A new documentary is slowly making the rounds: Meeting Resistance (2006), a film by Steven Connors and Molly Bingham. It's barely been shown anywhere yet, but it will come. It takes a closeup look at insurgents as individual people. It's had preview screenings at the Marine Corps Base (Quantico), West Point, and a handful of other special venues. Its official world premiere took place in Durham, North Carolina, on April 14, 2007. It was next shown at the Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival in Doha, Qatar, on April 25.

For all this and more, check out the official website: http://www.meetingresistance.com/


Anonymous said...

I agree. Not soon enough. Some one start the impeachment process
please. MW

Anonymous said...

I do fear that the left and thr right are two shoulders of the same head