Saturday, May 26, 2007

There May Be Oil Under Rock Holes

What are we experiencing in 2007? How's life going, folks? Depends on who you are, how many assets you have, I suppose, whether you own, or rent, or stay with friends and family, or live in the streets. I rent, so retain a certain amount of mobility as needed.

Politically, we're experiencing a breakdown in democracy, control by oligarchy. A rich clown at the proverbial helm, guided by bullhorn, opposition in check. 600+ days left of the Bush-Cheney "team" though we're long overdue for a regime change. Let us eat cake or shut our cake holes. There may be oil in them thar hills. You never know, there's always the Lotto and the "War on Terror."

Today's Rune: Harvest.

Birthdays: Aleksandr Pushkin, Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de Goncourt, Isadora Duncan, Al Jolson (b. Asa Yoelson), Norma Talmadge, Dorothea Lange (b. Nutzhorn), John Wayne (b. Marion Robert Morrison), Jay Silvereels (b. Harold J. Smith, Mowawk Nation), Peggy Lee (b. Norma Deloris Egstrom), Miles Davis, Helena Bonham Carter, Zola Budd.

"Guerilla war struggle is the new entertainment." -- Gang of Four.


Danny Tagalog said...
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Danny Tagalog said...

Another 600 days! Too-oooooo long - most of the world is waiting for the people to spray insecticide onto this diseased shrubbery compromising your great country.

People can make their voice heard more and remove the veil of sophistry weaved around their heads.

What can prematurely end tneir tenure?

Erik Donald France said...

Danny, only impeachment, resignation, Act of God, incapacitating illness, or death. That is a major problem with the American version of governance when stuck with pols who REALLY suck.

the walking man said...

In general conversation with Dr. #35 on Friday, it came out he voted GW in the last election. after about a minute of stunned silence from me all i could say to him was best way to protect your ass---etts eh?

Stunned silence from him for a few seconds the, Well I am just a conservative guy.

my reply "what does it feel like to have killed 3500 Americans, maimed 43,000 more just to protect what i am sure is a healthy paycheck?"

"I'm a conservative guy in general, I don't drive a Lexus. Now how does it feel when I push"

First person I ever met who actually admitted he voted for those two chimps.

Charles Gramlich said...

600 days? Man this is a lesson in the relativity of time. He's already been in office for over a decade. I'm absolutely sure of it.