Thursday, August 30, 2007


John Peel (1939-2004): music enthusiast, entrepreneur and BBC-Radio One helmsman DJ. Margrave of the Marshes looks to be a nifty memoir. A slew of his famous Peel Sessions are available in digital format. Tony Wilson (1950-2007), who played a similar role in the Madchester scene and is showcased in the excellent 24 Hour Party People, died on August 10th.

Joan Blondell (1906-1979) starred in movies before the uptight Hollywood Code put a chill on things. The exuberant Miss Dallas carries many a scene on the silver screen. She's terrific in Gold Diggers of 1933, one of my favorites, along with Ruby Keeler, Aline McMahon and Ginger Rogers. The Code was an unfortunate development, but Blondell and friends soldiered on -- with more clothes on, usually.

The Mod Squad (1968-1973): "One White, One Black, One Blonde." Even as a kid, I thought the idea was better than the actual show. Admittedly, Peggy Lipton helped hold my interest.

Peggy Lipton (b. 1946) turned 61 today. Breathing Out, her assisted memoir, was published a couple of years ago. Along her wild arc toward the present, she hooked up with Paul McCartney, Elvis (the Elvis), and Sammy Davis, Jr., and also married Quincy Jones, with whom she had kids. Lipton played Norma Jennings of Double-R Diner fame on Twin Peaks.

Anita Garibaldi (1821-1849), Brazilian revolutionary, died in Italy campaigning with the Garibaldi Legion.

Today's Rune: Possessions.

Birthdays: Jacques-Louis David, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley, Ana/Anita Maria de Jesus Ribeiro da Silva di Garibaldi, Huey Long, Raymond Massey, Shirley Booth (Marjory Ford), John Gunther, Joan Blondell, Fred MacMurray, Ted Williams, Kitty Wells (b. Ellen Muriel Deason), Warren Buffett, John Peel (John Robert Parker Ravenscroft), Elizabeth Ashley, Ben Jones, Robert Crumb, Jean-Claude Killy, Molly Ivins, Peggy Lipton, Lewis Black (UNC-Chapel Hill), Timothy Bottoms, David Paymer, Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya, Michael Chiklis, Cameron Michelle Diaz, Lisa Ling, Tavia Yeung.

Ciao, Detroit Grand Prix!

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Charles Gramlich said...

I remember the Mod Squad. I think they tried to revive that in a movie but I didn't see it. I doubt I ever watched many episodes but I thought the blonde was very pretty.