Thursday, August 16, 2007


Angela Bassett turned 49 today. As of now, she will play Suzanne Louverture in Toussaint, Danny Glover's biopic about Haitian revolutionary leader Toussaint Louverture (Don Cheadle). Already controversial, the film will be shot in Venezuela and is supported by Hugo Chávez (Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías).

Iggy Pop's "Zombie Birdhouse" (1982) was recorded in Haiti. "No synthesizers were used on this record."

Today's Rune: Breakthrough.

Birthdays: Emilie Juliane of Barby-Mühlingen, Jean de La Bruyère, Jules Laforgue, T. E. Lawrence, Henry Charles Bukowski, Fess Parker, Bill Evans, Robert Culp, Eydie Gormé (b. Edith Gormezano), Julie Newmar (b. Julie Chalene Newmeyer), Carol Moseley Braun, Angela Bassett, Madonna (b. Madonna Louise Ciccone), Timothy Hutton, Emily Robison.

Bon voyage!


Pythia3 said...

Kali Mera Erik (Greek for 'good day' just in case that is one thing you do not know for today)

I love Angela Bassett - she is beautiful and talented. She was especially hot in (mind blank? as Stella - you know)

Oooooh. I love that breakthrough Rune. Go for it!

Charles Gramlich said...

No synths. yeah!

Erik Donald France said...

Thanks y'all for the comments. Pythia, I'd love to hear more Greek. It's cool, and infuses the English language with a lot of complex compounds.

Stephen Renico said...

That's disappointing about Don Cheadle and Angela Basset. They're taking the coin of a sordid dictator.

Johnny Yen said...

There's a good book, "Black Jacobins," by C.L.R. James, about the Haitian Revolution.

Interesting note: C.L.R. James, a lifelong leftist, was also a world class cricket player.