Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blonde on Blonde

Today I saw three older white men dressed in cheesy tan suits trying to hand New Testaments to a group of women in Islamic attire. They tried to force one on me, too, but I told them no thanks -- I already have a couple of Bibles (and a copy of the Koran). That about sums it up here. Meanwhile, in Lebanon, another high-profile assassination.

I've always liked Lebanese women; the men, though, I can't vouch for.

Salma Hayek Jiménez hails from Mexico and is partially of Lebanese descent -- a striking combination. She always makes me feel glad to be alive, certainly.

Freda Payne of Detroit. After "Band of Gold," her second hit was the anti-Vietnam War song, "Bring the Boys Home" (1971).

C'est chic, c'est Noémie Lenoir. Lebanon was also a French mandate after the Great War; many Lebanese speak French as a second language.

Today's Rune: Signals.

Birthdays: Hartley Coleridge, Joe Pasternak, Leon Jaworski, William Golding, Adam West, David McCallum, Brian Epstein, Freda Payne, Jeremy Irons, Twiggy (Lesley Hornby), Nile Rodgers, Michelle Alves, Danielle Brent, Noémie Lenoir. Happy birthday to my sister Linda Stine, too!


Charles Gramlich said...

Didn't know Selma was part Lebanese.

t said...

Shakira is part Lebanese too. Her hips don't lie.

Malcolm: said...

"Bring the Boys Home" is a great tune ... it's too bad that it's still timely. "Deeper and Deeper" and "Cherish What Is Dear To You" are a couple of other Freda Payne tunes that I enjoy.