Friday, September 21, 2007

Visions of Johanna

Her'e s a nifty new book for Coen Brothers/Big Lebowski fans: I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski: Life, The Big Lebowski, and What-Have-You (2007) by Bill Green, Ben Peskoe, Scott Shuffitt, and Will Russell.

H.G. Wells (1866-1946) had his finger on the pulse back in the day. His visions continue to haunt mostly because human nature hasn't changed. And, of course, there are a lot more of us peopling the planet. I remember first seeing the 1960 movie version of The Time Machine, amazed that back in "1966," cities might have been so advanced -- if the human race wasn't so socially retarded. Wells usually includes an acute awareness of class conflict in even the pulpiest of his works.

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor in Asoka (2001). Movie tagline: "Only the dead have seen the end of war." True enough, I suppose.

Stephen King turned sixty today. My sister Linda was an early King fan, reading everything he wrote as soon as it came out and then often relaying the latest story line to interested parties (including me). On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (2000) is a solid nonfiction work well worth keeping on hand for reference. It's frank and pragmatic.

The artist known as Faith Hill. Gentlemen prefer blondes, but I don't.

Today's Rune: Defense.

Birthdays: H.G. Wells, Gustav Holst, Larry Hagman, Leonard Cohen, Fannie Flagg (Patricia Neal), Stephen King, Bill Murray, Ethan Coen, Nancy Travis, Cheryl Hines, Faith Hill (Audrey Faith Perry/McGraw), Ricki Lake, Luke Wilson, Kareena Kapoor, Autumn Reeser, Aleksa Palladino, Nicole Richie, Meilinda Soerjoko, Maggie Grace (Denig).


JR's Thumbprints said...

Nothing beats watching a Bollywood movie with the family. Light hearted musicals done the right way! Also, I picked up King's writing book at a dollar store. I sure did get a bang for my buck. Very good read.

Charles Gramlich said...

H. G. Wells was an answer on an episode of the "Weakest Link" I watched the other night. The guy missed it, calling him "Weller". How do you not know "Wells," man.

Beth said...

That Lebowski book has to be awesome! I'm in a bookstore right now ... time to wander some aisles.

MacGuffin said...

I love The Big Lebowski and the Coen Bros in general. I'll have to look into that book, thanks.

Johnny Yen said...

A few years ago, I was reading an interview with Simon Wells, the distant relative of H.G. Wells who directed the 2002 version of The Time Machine. He stated that the message of the novel, the rise of a rich, privledged class at the expense of a the struggling workers was not very relevent anymore. I just about choked. He obviously needs to open his eyes, or at least pick up a newspaper.