Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ancient People, Modern Times

Where did the people go? Did they vanish, did they melt into the new coming tribes, or migrate to some place far away? That's the thing about traces of people long gone -- they make a modern person think about time and its peculiar passages.

A now person doesn't have to walk to the top of the Cahokia Mounds near East St. Louis, or see the Etowah Mounds in Georgia or the Town Creek Mound in North Carolina, or hike around the Iron Age forts and megalithic stone escarpments of Eurasia to understand on some level that things change drastically over time, that no status quo holds for long in the grand scheme of things. You can just as easily see it walking downtown as anywhere else. The shadier part is: the future. What comes next?

Rose McDowall of The Strawberry Switchblades musing on time passages and ancient rites. She is officially the queen of nowhere, a princess of the mind.

Rose McDowall contemplating the ruins -- in radical chic.

Today's Rune: Flow.

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Sidney said...

Great pics of her.

the walking man said...

Where did all the people go..better ask the banks and mortgage holders that question, but look around you now it is spread way past 8 mile road. Personally I wonder how far I would have to go just to find people still paying on their bills?



the walking man said...

To paraphrase Joan Baez or whomever..."gone to squatters everyone."

Charles Gramlich said...

That leather ensemble looks uncomfortable on her. But somehow I don't care.

Pythia3 said...

Isn't it funny how we always think the farther we travel the better it will be - whether we are talking restaurants, vacations, historical sites . . . there is so much right under our noses.

Pythia3 said...

Websites...sights to visit...oh, this modern verbiage is messing me up!

Danny Tagalog said...

Hey Eric, have you bought any of the Cope 'stone' books? I'M looking forward to seeing The Rollright Stones in the heart of Middle England around Christmas. Sadly heard that somene set fire to one of the stones of late, but I'll be able to inspect soon. Can't wait!