Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And the Envelope Says . . .

Carnac the Magnificent knows whether the Bush Administration will begin bombing Iran next March. The rest of us will have to wait and hide. What else can we do at this point? Lobby a feckless member of Congress? They're so ineffective for "the common man" we might as well have no representation at all. This may be why so many more Americans have become fatalists. That and the fires in California, Katrina, Iraq, the high cost of living, the failing infrastructure -- all of it. We seem to have given up on mass protest. Hell, Country Joe might still have it right: And it's five, six, seven, open up the pearly gates / ain't no time to wonder why / whoopee we're all gonna die / Whoopee, we're all gonna die!

Happy Birthday to citizen Dwight Yoakam. Thank you for perfect country lyrics such as these (at this point, he's probably no longer singing about a lost girlfriend or wife -- he must be singing about the Bush-Cheney junta):

It won't hurt when I fall down from this bar stool
And it won't hurt when I stumble in the street
It won't hurt 'cause this whiskey eases misery
But even whiskey cannot ease your hurting me

Today I had another bout with sorrow
You know this time I almost won
If this bottle would just hold out 'til tomorrow

I know that I'd have sorrow on the run

On the other hand, Brazil offers hope. Here's Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart, another tonic for the truth. And she may hold Victoria's Secret.

So Long Scarecrow! Jessicka, formerly Jessicka Fodera, of Scarling -- among other bands. She just got married! Maybe now she'll stop cutting herself on stage and head for a tropical island -- or Europe. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow! Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone . . .

Today's Rune: Breakthrough.

Birthdays: Adlair Stevenson, Sarah Bernhardt, Gummo Marx, Johnny Carson, Pelé (Edson Arantes do Nascimento), Michael Crichton, Anita Roddick, Kim Larsen, Charly Garcia, Ang Lee, Dwight Yoakam, Sam Raimi, Weird Al Yonkovic, Laurie Halse Anderson, Doug Flutie, Augusten Burroughs, Trudi Canavan, Jasmin St. Claire, Odalys Garcia, Jessicka Fodera, Cat Deeley, Izabel Goulart, Faye Hamlin.

Hasta La Vista, Cali!


Beth said...

I'm afraid the sh*t will hit the fan come March. They'll do it because they'll think it will help the Right during elections.

Because it's worked well so far.

p.s. Love Dwight.

Bubs said...

I love that first Dwight Yoakum album, and particularly that song. Great choice!

The Brazilian model and SG's aren't bad either.

Sidney said...

One of my senators has started an e-newsletter, and I seem to be on his mailing list because I wrote him to urge his support of some measures he eventually voted against. It's nice to know he cares and wants me to know he was listening anyway. ;-)

Lana said...

What's happened to us as a country? When did a gov't "by, for & of the people" get to dictate to the people what's going to be done? In a similar vein, I have laugh at sheeple who honestly seem to believe that elections will make a difference. Perhaps if they say it enough times, they think they'll come to believe it.

the walking man said...

Not really in the mood for a history lesson, but to Lana's statement. That aspect of America for the majority began it's final erosion when the republicans stopped regulating business and the economy and let "free market' (bullshit on free) once again rule the country.

teddy Roosevelt took the economy away from business and for a hundred years the corporate oligarchy's worked generation after generation to take it back and when we finally had a one world economic government called the World Trade Organization, the top 5% acquired the top 95% of the wealth.

Erik when we nuke iran or have our puppet regime in Israel do it for us then Bush can declare marshall law because the revolution will be on and their will be mass murder in the streets because the troops will come home battle hardened in urban warfare and Americans will again kill Americans, which will reduce a significant portion of the poor in the population which will leave the rest even more under the thumb of the major corporations, who no longer need Americans to buy their products with opening up world markets.

When the Euro becomes the economic standard count the days for the revolution will be in the streets because what dollars people have will automatically buy 1/3 less.

These are all my own opinions, not some bullshit I read somewhere.


Hillary the Magnificent said...

Iran: What I did when confronted by a terrorist state.

GWB said...

Here we come Castros!

Rumsfeld said...

Cheney to the rescue!

Charles Gramlich said...

I don't know what's gonna happen, I just know it ain't gonna be particularly good for us peons.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Most folks don't care what the envelope says unless it's directly addressed to them. Sad state of affairs indeed.