Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Forever Amber

Old school: letters were in. Hand-written letters. New school: email is in, blog posts, cell phones. As plot devices and as real life devices. A Letter to Three Wives (1949) might be updated to An Email Message to Three Significant Others. Ha! Twelve Angry Men becomes Twelve Angry People!

A Letter to Three Wives revolves around a letter from "the other woman" -- she's gonna run away with one of their respective husbands! But which one? It's soul-searching time!

These days, government agencies might slap a wireless wiretap on all of their phone calls, all of their email.

Verizon Communications, via "an October 12 [2007] letter to members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce . . . says that from 2005 through this September there were 63,700 such requests, and of those, 720 came from federal authorities" (AP/CNN). Nice!

I'm sure the three wives would have liked access to their husbands' land line logs back in the day. Maybe.

Linda Darnell in 1944: a tonic for the troops. Who needs technology, anyway?

Nico the femme fatale, circa 1960 -- before The Factory, The Velvet Underground and heroin. La Dolce Vita, baby!

Erin Brown in Masters of Horror: Sick Girl (2006). Beware of bug bites, among other things.

Today's Rune: Movement.

Birthdays: Noah Webster, Oscar Wilde, Michael Collins, Alice Pearce, Kathleen Winsor, Günter Grass, Mary Daly, Nico (Christa Päffgen), Suzanne Somers, Bob Weir, Tim Robbins, Bob Mould, Wendy Wilson, Erin Brown.



Danny Tagalog said...

Hi Eric, I'd never seen that pic of Nico before. Wow! She's a typical pretty office girl there...

Charles Gramlich said...

Sometimes I think you're making some of this stuff up, Erik. The only thing here I've heard of is La dolce vita, although I've never seen it.