Monday, October 01, 2007

Sea Change

A few years make all the difference. When I conducted a mock election before the real U.S. one back in 2004, G.W. Bush won it by about 52% to 48%. A queasy feeling told me Kerry would lose in the actual election, too, when one student said, "My pastor told us that if Kerry wins, homo-sexuals will take over. We are all voting to reelect the president." Since then, that student's pastor has been caught "inappropriately mingling" with a Catholic priest, or was it a masseuse? He no longer carriers much authority in her eyes, and she intends to decide for herself.

Not long ago in a sequel, I asked another community college class to research any five presidential candidates of their choosing, learn their stances on seven issues (Iraq and health care were two; they chose the other five), and eventually choose -- from their now better informed perspective -- a candidate.

Results (rounded):

35% Hillary Clinton
30% John Edwards
25% Barack Obama
05% Fred Thompson
05% No vote

If this trend holds, the Democrats will win in a landslide -- certainly in Michigan. Virtually all students scoffed at McCain, Giuliani and Mitt Romney as figures of fun or ultra-rich buffoonery.

Of course, a lot can change in a year. But this is a good start.

Today's Rune: Initiation.

Today's birthday choice: Bonnie Parker.


JR's Thumbprints said...

Go get'em John! And God bless your wife for hanging in there.

Anonymous said...

"GOP Is Losing Grip On Core Business Vote.

Some business leaders are drifting away from the party because of the war in Iraq, the growng federal deficit and a conservative social agenda they don't share."

Wall Street Journal, 10/2/2007

Charles Gramlich said...

I've found that a lot more people seem to vote for conservative Republicans than will admit to it.

Johnny Yen said...

I hope I don't jinx us all by saying this, but it appears to me that the cabal in office right now has badly damaged their party.

A straw poll of the Yen household reveals:

John Edwards 1 vote (me)
Hillary Clinton 1 vote (my wife)
Barack Obama 2 votes (our kids)

luma said...

Here in Brazil it is only said in the candidacy of Hillary and Barack, as if the other candidates did not exist.
You in the "Luz" have gift for! Beijus

Sidney said...

They brought Bonnie and Clyde's car by the newspaper where I worked once. It was on a trailer - one set up so that patrons could walk through and see the car in a glass booth, one of those morbid Southern side-show attractions. You could still see the bullet holes of course.

There was even a "Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days" in Central Louisiana. I don't know if they had the car every time or if they just brought it in for a kick off or something.

Bubs said...

Nice post. I hope your polling system turns out to be accurate.