Friday, November 23, 2007

Down at the Mall Where Freedom Shines

Let us all now praise famous credit cards. Aaron Burr started it in 1799 to rival Alexander Hamilton, the guy he shot and killed in a duel five years later: Chase, the happy fusion of Chase Manhattan Bank and JP Morgan, are practiced in the arts of usury. The moral equivalent of gangsters, they are abetted by the politicians they bankroll (i.e. themselves). They are dependent on the average American to spend a lot of money on Black Friday -- today -- using credit cards with variable interest rates that can exceed 30%. Or as George Carlin put it -- spending money we don't have for shit we don't need.

Illustrious founder Aaron Burr, VP of the United States, killed Hamilton (Chase retains the dueling pistols) and headed west to crown himself Emperor of Mexico. In that, he did not succeed. They put the rest on revolving credit that we now pay in taxes and interest.

Why We Fight. "They," after all, "hate us for our freedom."

Today's Rune: Initiation.


Lana said...

What you've described is partly why I stopped celebrating traditional holidays years ago. I've taken it up again to a certain extent, as Charles does the traditional thing for his son, of course.
I always found it pretty sick that the Amerikan economy is so based on & centered around Xmas shopping. Separation of church & state? Not on your life!

Charles Gramlich said...

Were the Stones ever that young?