Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Good Morning, Midnight

I thoroughly enjoyed Good Morning, Midnight, Jean Rhys' 1938 autobiographical novel, set in Paris during the Great Depression. A rough male equivalent -- George Orwell's Down and Out in London and Paris (1933).

For now, an excerpt. The Russian refugee:

I am here not through my own will. Most things that happen to me -- they are not my will either. And so that's what I say to myself all the time: "You didn't ask to be born, you didn't make the world as it is, you didn't make yourself as you are. Why torment yourself? Why not take life just as it comes? You have the right to; you are not one of the guilty ones." When you aren't rich and powerful, you are not a guilty one. And you have a right to take life just as it comes and to be as happy as you can.

Birthday: Rebecca Romijn. Here, suited up for a game of Rollerball.

Birthday: Taryn Manning. Excellent in Hustle & Flow and 8 Mile.

Today's Rune: Partnership.

Bon voyage!

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Charles Gramlich said...

Taryn manning is a fine actress. I've really liked her in the movies I've seen, although I haven't seen Hustle and flow.