Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just the Night for a Conquering Tribe

Notice the ever-widening gyre of strikes and protests this year? Factory workers, staff writers, transit workers, Broadway workers, and in Pakistan -- lawyers . . . A global arc . . . proving that all sorts of people are alive and kicking. And it beats the alternative, like the pissed off owner of a gas station in Detroit who shot and killed a competitor over pump prices . . .

Birthday: Iranian-born poet Sheema Kalbasi (b. 1974), English and Persian language.

Echoes in Exile (2006), English language.

Birthday: Veronica Hamel (b. 1943).

Today's Rune: Partnership.


Beth said...

Have you read Echoes in Exile. If so, do you recommend it?

Charles Gramlich said...

Does seem to be more strikes this year than in recent years. Something is going on.

Erik Donald France said...

Beth, I've got it on order for the library. Good reviews.