Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Pied Piper of Doomsday

To me, religious sects and cults are endlessly fascinating. Today, there's at least one Pied Piper of Doomsday in Russia. Father Pyotr Kuznetsov, "a divorced 43-year-old architect from Belarus," leader of "The Chosen Ones" aka "The True Russian Orthodox Church," recently led 24 other adults and four children into a cave in Penza Oblast to hole up -- with supplies -- until the rest of the world ends in May 2008. Spooky. Authorities say the group threatens mass suicide a la Jonestown if anyone tries to force them out. More will be revealed.

Reports are somewhat conflicting and use different language to describe the little group. For example, there's a moderate appraisal -- Luke Harding, "Russian doomsday sect threatens mass suicide," Guardian Unlimited (November 15, 2007) -- and a more loaded article: "Cult awaits end of days in cave after leader's arrest" (CNN Online, November 15, 2007). An interesting sidelight from the Guardian article: "Izvestiya newspaper yesterday reported that Kuznetsov suffered from schizophrenia and that in the last few months he had been sleeping in a coffin."

In any case, the US has had its share of offbeat sects -- such as the Branch Davidians at the Double E Ranch outside of Waco, Texas. Escalating confrontations between American authorities and members of the band led by David Koresh ended badly in 1993 -- a lot of people killed.

Speaking of sects -- how about covens? Happy birthday to Rachel India True (b. 1966).

And to Jennifer Charles (b. 1968), part of noir band Elysian Fields. Frankly, I'd be more tempted to follow her into Heaven or Hell than some eccentric Russian dude.

Not to mention French actress Virginie Ledoyen (b. Fernandez, 1976). She's in a slew of great indie films. Can't wait to see her in Un baiser s'il vous plaît (2007), a Woody Allenesque French treat.

Today's Rune: Harvest.

It's the end of the world as we know it . . . . . maybe. Until then, bon voyage!


the walking man said...

you never know, maybe the world only has 6 months or 5 years as the Mayan calender says but then as for me there ain't nothing I would do to stop it because mass extinction may be the only way to stamp out the mass corruption and madness of politicians the world over and corporations too. At least this way there will be no more hunger, sickness or motherfuckers sucking the blood from the rest of us for their own wealth.


Sheila said...

The world has ended, they're just in denial. haha

Anonymous said...

Keep enjoying your posts. Thanks for sharing. MW

JR's Thumbprints said...

... and to think I'm going to Texas for Thanksgiving. As long as the plane gets me there and back, I'll be happy.

Lana said...

Oh no..."The Craft!" Hollywood-ized pseudo witchcraft! Ruuuuuuuun!