Friday, December 07, 2007

CIA 101: Destroy the Evidence

Happy birthday to Eli Wallach, who turned 92 today!

Wanted in fourteen counties of this state, the condemned is found guilty of the crimes of murder, armed robbery of citizens, state banks and post offices, the theft of sacred objects, arson in a state prison, perjury, bigamy, deserting his wife and children, citing prostitution, kidnapping, extortion, receiving stolen goods, selling stolen goods, passing counterfeit money, and contrary to the laws of this state, the condemned is guilty of using marked cards, and loaded dice, therefore according to the powers vested in us, we sentence the accused here before us Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez -- known as the Rat, and any other aliases he might have -- to hang by the neck ‘till dead: may God have mercy on his soul . . . proceed . . .

Happy birthday to Ellen Burstyn -- like Little Richard, 75. Pictured here as Lois Farrow from The Last Picture Show (1971).

And to Tom Waits, still a baby: 58.

Noam Chomsky -- 79. He gave a memorably subversive -- and lucid -- lecture at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia during the 500th anniversary of Columbus.

Abe Lincoln never said or wrote, as far as I can tell: "You may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all the time."

Still, maybe it's a true statement. Maybe it's not. Either way, the mainstream US media is a little conservative and a little liberal; mostly it's corporate or government-spun hogwash. Add salt liberally. And for God's sake, never believe the CIA or the White House Press Secretary -- it's their self-appointed task to lie through their teeth.

Spanish model Vanesssa Lorenzo -- a mere 31. Seeing is believing, in her case. But is the medium still the message? Depends on one's fluency in Spanish, I suppose. Otherwise, her text is as pure as Adam and Eve before the Fall.

Today's Rune: The Self.

Today's Sagittarian birthday choices: Willa Cather, Eli Wallach, Ellen Burstyn (b. Detroit, Edna Rae Gillooly), Harry Chapin, Tom Waits, Vanessa Lorenzo.

Japanese Air Attack, Japanese Air Attack . . . . .


Sheila said...

hmmm. I'm 23 what does that make me?

Johnny Yen said...

I think that The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is, along with Scanners and a handful of other movies, a political movie disguised as a genre movie. Evidence, this line:

"There are two kinds of people in this world: those with loaded guns and those who dig."

Charles Gramlich said...

Loved Eli Wallach in "the good, the bad, and the ugly."

Lana Gramlich said...

Tom Waits rocks.

Danny Tagalog said...

Please continue the lovely ladies pictures Erik. How beautiful is she?

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