Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dominique Hourani Redux

Earlier this year -- on June 16, 2007 -- Dominique Hourani graced a stage at the International Arab American Festival in Dearborn, Michigan. In person, she's stunningly beautiful, transcending fashion photography, the flesh mightier than the image. Partly charisma, partly something inexplicable. In any case, her internet fan club reports that she married some dude on November 11.

Here's a shot recovered from the little camera I dropped a few weeks later -- a friend of mine salvaged the roll in her dark room, slightly damaged and obscured but better than nothing.

Given her long leopard print dress and dramatic gyrations, Dominique evoked Bathsheba or Delilah in imagination -- not too farfetched given her Lebanese background. In any case, I'm glad to have stumbled upon her performance out of sheer curiosity. And don't you know it . . .

Today's Rune: Breakthrough; yesterday's: Harvest.


Anonymous said...

Eyeball food.

Happy New Year!

Sidney said...

Happy New Year!

Charles Gramlich said...

Never heard of her. Pretty though.

tilly said...

hei erik

i am a big fan of dominique too. i was google her mans name because i see that she has a little girl now and her man she married last year in 11. November 2007 is the father. his Name is Alireza Almassi Noukiani, but on they say his Name is Reza Nokiani. the girl is born in 8. August 2008. now i am really sad for her because i found this blog from some people about her man. he is cheating her with prositiutes from new york! he is buying a woman with name Keira for 5000 pounds! it is €7500!! that is no fair! she is so beautifull and so talented, every man should be happy to be her man!! and they also write that he is a cheater in business too. the blog is in german but maybe you know how translating it in english or french. i am sooo angry because he is so bad! why is she with the bad man Alireza Almassi? maybe she don't know who is he really! It is no fair! she should just divorce from him, because he is not making her happy! never! he is a liar! and cheater! what you think about this?
many greetings from germany, tilly