Sunday, December 09, 2007

From the Land of the Midnight Sun

Unlike some people, I enjoy birthdays and dig others born on this date -- my birthday -- people like John Milton, and also the Feast Day of Juan Diego / Cuauhtlatzin (Talking Eagle), who first saw Our Lady of Guadalupe on this date in 1531 in Mexico. Happy clichés for a birthday: Aging is part of life, every day above ground is a good one.

It's also the birthday of American-Japanese singer Olivia Lufkin. . . . .

And of ribald American sage Redd Foxx . . . RIP. Viva Sanford and Son!

And it's the birthday of Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, the Lion from Midnight, victor of Breitenfield, killed at the Battle of Lützen in 1632 (the Swedes won). This was back in the day when the Swedes fought like demons. For the past two hundred years, they've ceased waging war -- like the Swiss and the Vulcans. I'm about a quarter Swedish, with some Walloon mixed in there from the time of Gustavus.

Sagittarius Woody Allen with Johnny Carson, mid-1960s. On my birthday in 1965, the first Peanuts special aired -- A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Happy birthday also to Alexandra Drougge France, my paternal grandmother (RIP), and to my old pal Dede Kingsbury, wherever she may be.



Robin (R's Musings) said...

Happy Birthday, Erik! Hope it's a grand one!

Sheila said...

I read Paradise Lost for my British Literature class. In fact I have to read over my old essays for the final next week.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Happy B-day Erik and here's to many more. Cheers!

Lana Gramlich said...

Happy birthday & many more!

the walking man said...

I think Happy is to common of a word for what i wish for your birthday to have been, I think words like glorious, fanciful, exciting, would make the cut in my book but what the hell, I just hope that you are fine wine that is properly cared for and gets better with age.



Charles Gramlich said...

I think Charles the 13th was Swedish. And a conqueror. He made me like my name.

Happy birthday.

lulu said...

Happy Birthday!

Johnny Yen said...

Happy Birthday!

It's funny to look at history. Conquerors and warriors eventually settle down, and places that are backwaters eventually become powerhouses. Let's hope Sweden is the model for the future.