Sunday, December 23, 2007

In The School Of Bad Santa

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson ("Princess TPT") is celebrating her 36th birthday today -- The Naughty Girl's Guide to Life, her first book, landed on British bookshelves recently. Nice color coordination . . .

Birthday: Spanish singer Beth (Elisabeth Rodergas) already has three albums out in Europe. She looks ten but is actually 26.

Birthday: Sky Lopez (Corrie Floris), 32, former porn star, now Christian hip hop artiste. A sort of modern day Mary Magdalene . . .

Birthday: Model/actress Summer Altice on a German GQ cover. That's her real name and she just turned 28 for those who are still counting.

Thanks all for the recent comments! To Danny's question about the 2008 election: yes, I do think there is some difference between the Democrats and Republicans. I believe a Hillary Clinton presidency is preferable. Why? Good to break the gender ice in American politics; Supreme Court selections; more moderate in general than any of the Republican candidates. That's sufficient cause to back Clinton. As a backup, I'd support any of the Democrats over any of the Republicans.

Today's Rune: Defense. Yesterday's: Signals.

Merry Christmas, folks!


Charles Gramlich said...

Christian Hip Hop? Is that like Ho Ho Ho's for Jesus?

the walking man said...

where do you keep coming up with these women that look like my old lady?



t said...

They don't make pictures like that Tara one anymore basic girl + car + primary colours. Cool photo.

Pythia3 said...

Merry Christmas Erik! I do wish we had some snow, though.
How do you celebrate? Well, however you celebrate, I wish you the merriest of times. My aunt has the traditional Christmas Eve and my sister is hosting the fam on Christmas Day. Lots of food and Christmas spirits.
Oh, and BTW, thanks a lot . . . I was planning to start my diet AFTER the holidays, but after seeing those beautiful women gracing your post, I may forgo the figgy pudding.
Ho ho he he :)

Sidney said...

Happy Holidays