Sunday, December 02, 2007

Neon Angels

More cool projects to look forward to. Man, I'd rather be part of one directly . . . These are great: Neon Angels [On the Road to Ruin], a film about Joan Jett and the Runaways that will not hold back from the grit of the 1970s' hard rock reality. Recall the 1977 lyrics? A snippet:

Highway's hard in this modern world
Battered boys & shattered girls
Leather bombers rule the streets
Setting fires & living heat

Let me tell you what we been doing
Neon angels on the road to ruin.
Let me tell you what we been doing
Neon angels on the road to ruin.

Still hoping to see Zooey Deschanel as Janis Joplin. The long march by Penelope Spheeris to bring The Gospel According to Janis to completion keeps getting blocked by fate or other people. Zooey rocks even in smaller parts like her supporting role in The Good Girl (2002). I suspect she'll make a riveting Janis, if it's going to happen. Meanwhile, how about her playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz? She plays DG, to be precise, on the Sci Fi Channel's Tin Man, starting tonight. . .

The always interesting singer-actress Charlotte Gainsbourg appears in I'm Not There (2007), the eccentric film of Bob Dylan, and will be featured in The City of Your Final Destination (2008).

And there are more in the works. How about an indie film about Iggy and the Stooges?

Today's Rune: Defense.

Hasta la vista!


Anonymous said...

Some line-up. Wow!

luma said...

Iggy and stooges a little forgotten for my taste. I love the voice of Charlotte Gainsbourg, I almost always hear! Difficult to interpret Janis Joplin - it will be hard bone to gnaw. The poetry is beautiful, but I do not know Joan Jett. I go to lower something to know!

I do not know who will go to win the elections Is necessary there much more that crystal ball.

Good week! Beijus

Charles Gramlich said...

So is Joan Jett Gay? I've heard that but am not sure.

Erik Donald France said...

Thanks all for the comments!

Charles, there's this: "By the 90s, Jett had swapped her black shag haircut and smudgy eyeliner for a decidedly more gay-friendly look--very short blonde hair and more natural makeup. Although she has never issued a public statement about her sexuality, she came out in a vague way in the Advocate magazine in the 90s and started performing at more Pride events with a sticker on her guitar that proclaims "Dkyes Rule," to the delight of her queer female fans. "I don't really care what people call me," Jett has said about her sexuality. "I think it's important to support people you want to support and not be afraid of being called names."

Latest: Joan Jett + Carmen Electra.

Sidney said...

I love rock n' roll.

Pythia3 said...

Hello Erik!
Love Joan Jet - great post.
Happy Sagitardays to ya! It's our time, right? Sag's love to have FUN (since we're so serious in our heads, most of the time).
See ya, Lindy :)