Sunday, January 06, 2008

Up The Junction

I was glad on returning to Detroit yesterday that my car only had an inch of slushy snow to scrape off. The flight out of Greensboro was dodgy. There was no power at the airport, no heat, and the automatic entrances didn't open. The security detail seemed baffled but occasional flights came and went anyway. A Northwest flight from Detroit, a fifty seater, arrived but no passengers came out. The skybridge wasn't working. Wireless didn't pick up. With about forty other tired people -- including a Japanese woman about three feet tall -- I clambered down a fire escape and up into the empty plane like it was the last one out of Saigon.

Once on board, the captain, referring to himself in the third person, announced: "Captain James and his lovely flight attendant Sarah welcome you on your journey to Detroit." Were we ready for a flight into The Twilight Zone?

My seat was in the last row on one side. To get there I had to pass through the tiny first class section, its sole occupant an imperious business man with thinning white hair. He looked like a dirty dog -- with a lot of money.

I buckled in and noticed by the time we took off . . . only row 13 was empty.

On landing at Metro, the co-pilot admitted they'd been flying for four days straight and this was their last flight before time off.

Glad to have arrived safely and everything intact. Not ready to go back to work yet, but tomorrow is another day. Maybe they'll be an Amish Air Force attack and I won't have to go. Ha!

Birthday: Capucine (Germaine Lefebvre, 1931-1990). Cool, sophisticated, eventually jumped out a window to her death at 59.

Today's Rune: Partnership. Yesterday's: The Mystery Rune.

Ciao, Detroit!


Anonymous said...

You just gotta love those third person pilots!

the walking man said...

Erik go back to work my Social Security got raised and they didn't take it all to pay for Medicare so i need your money. The Amish Air Force is that where they use catapults to shoot horse dung at the enemy?