Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bonus March on Washington, DC: 1932

Great War veterans during the Great Depression want their promised "bonus pay" asap! Instead, General Douglas MacArthur goes in to clear them out with bayonets, tear gas and tanks . . .


the walking man said...

This may have been the first time that American troops were used against unarmed American citizens.

I think last week I read that this country only has two remaining veterans of WWI left, the third died last week.

How many wars and American military incursions have those gentlmen seen since they came back from Europe?



Question, Was it Hoover or Roosevelt who set MacArthur loose on the veterans?

Erik Donald France said...

Mark, thanks for the commment. Hoover -- which helped FDR win the election.

Sheila said...


Lana Gramlich said...

In the words of Styx; "We all know it's the American Way."