Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dog Eat Dog

Obama would open up dialogue with Cuba and relax travel and trade restrictions. McCain would bring his gloomy gulag worldview to the White House and begin bombing somewhere in five minutes. Our choice.

Either way: Bye Bye, Bush.

Given the controversial and endangered realities of these candidates -- and the large pool of random Oswalds -- the VP choice of either guy will be critical.

Regardless of who wins, be wary in Miami and Dallas.

Yesterday's Rune: Wholeness. Today's: Strength.


Charles Gramlich said...

Most of the time with politicians it still seems voting for the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

The Lone Ranger said: Don't worry, Tonto, the Secret Service will do its job.

Lana Gramlich said...

Let's hear it for open dialogue! Speaking of which, tag, you're it!

Erik Donald France said...

Thanks, y'all, for the comments --

Charles, those who could vote probably thought the same thing between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson back in 1800 and ever since.

Lone Ranger -- hope this holds true.

Lana, I respectfully bow out of this one, but thanks for the tag ;)