Monday, February 25, 2008

A Good Year for France

So happy to see Marion Cotillard win an Academy Award last night -- the first for a French actress since 1960 (hard to believe, but Catherine Deneuve has only been nominated once, and not yet awarded). Cotillard won for her absorbing portrayal of Édith Piaf, the Little Sparrow, in La Vie En Rose / La Môme (2007).

Cotillard is also a joy to watch as Fanny Chenal in Ridley Scott's A Good Year (2006), a colorful, light film set mostly in Provence. The chemistry between Cotillard and Russell Crowe flows naturally and certainly makes me want to get back to France for a lengthy stay. A Good Year also features the great and droll Albert Finney via flashback, as the Crowe character's deceased uncle. Nice to see Ridley Scott try something different.

Marion Cotillard at the Academy Awards just last night, looking radiant. Even though I was banking on her, her win was still refreshing.

Today's Rune: Standstill.


the walking man said...

What are the Academy Awards?



Charles Gramlich said...

Catherine deneauve was certainly a beautiful woman in her day.

Beth said...

I enjoyed A Good Year. She shows range between those two roles, doesn't she?

t said...

Get back to France ! :)