Sunday, February 03, 2008

Run Like a Villain!

The Battersea Power Station in London went offline in 1983. I didn't see any flying pigs a la Pink Floyd's Animals (1977) back then, but rather a steady stream of Concorde SSTs lumbering through the sky, each like a giant praying mantis. My first time in London, 1981; most recent, 2000. I wonder how things are going today? (Supersonic transport flights stopped about five years ago.)

Strangely, there were celebrations in newly air conditioned pubs and wine bars of Bastille Day and US Independence Day. Londoners seemed to have no clue what those July holidays meant in either France or "the States." July 4th posters pictured American cowboys lassoing cattle, July 14th flyers featured beret-wearing artistes, the Eiffel Tower and champagne. Cartoon images.

Class conciousness and conflict persisted everywhere, but punk-inspired women compensated for a host of such sins. Sheena was a punk rocker, indeed . . . In London, I'd run like a villain with Suzanne in '83 and Jacqui in '91. Regrets? What do you think? Run like a villain to the sugar bowl . . .

The gospel according to Iggy Pop -- "Run Like a Villain" (1982):

The shining moon the dead oak tree
Nights like this appeal to me
I've got some loving arms around me
Trying to steal a moment of pleasantry
In this zzzzzombieee birdhouse

Run, run, run
Run like a villain let the good times roll
Run like a villain to save your soul
It can't be done I already know so I
Run like a villain to the sugar bowl

'Cause who you are nobody knows
Who you are nobody knows
Rings on your fingers and bells on your toes . . .

Yesterday's Rune: Growth. Today's: The Mystery Rune.
Go Giants!


Lana Gramlich said...

"Animals" may be my fave Floyd album. I played that CD so much I wore it out in a year & had to replace it.
Gotta love Iggy Pop for those desperate, heroine-inspired "gotta live NOW" lyrics. *L*

the walking man said...

That power plant looks similar to Detroit's down on W. Jefferson. I love the look of all that brick and can't help but think of all the man hours it took to put them all in place one at a time...Detroit's is still going except in '74 just before the first Arab oil embargo they finished flipping it from coal to oil fired.

Ha ha ha ha that was so typical of Detroit never have to go back to London, it is all right here.



Charles Gramlich said...

What happened to the concorde btw. Why did they stop the flights? Animals is a great CD for sure.

Lana Gramlich said...

I remember the SST occasionally flying over our bus stop when we were kids (close to NYC.) The sonic boom was something else...