Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Shape of Things

Quick time out to see the UNC Tar Heels play (and win) in the NCAA's "Sweet Sixteen" round. Meanwhile, in Detroit -- where Davidson will play tomorrow -- it's snowing again. We're looking to get maybe half a foot by dawn.

Above image courtesy of the Michigan Department of Transportation. Between the weather, high heating and fuel prices and a sunken economy, it's not much of a mystery as to why Detroit and Michigan are losing lots of people to the South and West. The shape of things to come, I suspect. Regardless, a salute to scrappy Detroit Rock
City -- and the Tar Heels . . . . .

Today's Rune: The Self.


Lana Gramlich said...

Gads...that image is sooooooo depressing! You need to come down here, where everything's already ablaze with color & life!

Charles Gramlich said...

Detroit rock city rocks.

And Lana, Erik can come but we don't want everyone else. That'll make a crowd. ;)

Pythia3 said...

I call spring here, "It's still snowing in Michigan."
I know, I am over it, but I do laugh when the skies in final days of winter and the opening days of spring still sputter a sprinkling of the white stuff. It's like a battle of the wills - we get a little of our sunshine, warmer breezes and birds happily chirping...then BAM! we find ourselves trapped indoors reaching for comforters and hot tea. That's when I laugh back -
"HA! you can't go on with this much longer, you know...we are going to win and spring will prevail!"
When it's all said and done and the weather is pregnant with summer (no going back then!) we find ourselves that much STRONGER for having endured so much, so, so much!
I actually love the seasons as I am a very seasonal, multidimensional person. When I move to L.A. in the summer (which I will have to for work) I will MISS Michigan (hey, I just got an idea for a contest out west...hehehe).
I will come back as soon as I am able, I love the strength, the energy, the perseverance, the SOOOOOUL of this city/state.
So, Charles need not worry about overcrowding in his part of the USA, because WE WON and we chose the north! And we's proud, BABY! LOL