Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wildcats and Open Skies

The European Union -- United States / EU-US Open Skies Agreement kicks into gear today. This will entail more direct flights between the USA and Europe from more cities. While this is groovy for those who can afford it, let's hope security is up to par, too. Strange days.

Spring Break is nearly done. Don't want to think about it. Instead, I'm immersed in basketball and other fun. Hard to believe that a week ago, I was watching Phineas T. Peacock (pictured above) walking around my parents' backyard in Saxapahaw, North Carolina, enjoying the spring weather.

Meanwhile, back in Detroit . . .

The Davidson College Wildcats are in the Elite Eight, taking on Kansas tonight at Ford Field. A salute to them and to Tim Johnston, quarterback on the scrappy little high school football team for which I played guard and linebacker back in the day. Tim went on to Davidson College and became student president; he now runs a school in South Carolina. Davidson is a small liberal arts college not too far from Charlotte with excellent facilities and a student body of about 1700. I got to spend some time visiting there as a college counselor in the late 1990s and was thoroughly impressed. We'll see what happens tonight. It's a very big deal for Davidson, and it's playing out right here in Detroit.

Finally, the UNC Tar Heels battled back Louisville last night and are advancing to the Final Four in San Antonio. Hopefully, my pal and fellow Carolina alum San Antonio Bill will be able to attend one or both of the final two games. Yeahdawg! (And -- the Pistons beat the Cavs!)

Yesterday's Rune: Joy. Today's: Journey.


Johnny Yen said...

This is the first tourney in years I've paid attention to, largely because of Davidson. What an amazing story-- they've taken on and beaten some powerhouses-- Georgetown and U of Wis. We had the game on in the restaurant on Friday-- lots of disappointed U of Wis alums in there, including one of my co-workers.

I spent part of my spring break last week with my son in much-warmer Tennesee. It was a welcome respite. We're still getting snow here in Chicago.

Charles Gramlich said...

Spring break is a distant memory here. All is exhaustion again.

Lana Gramlich said...

Phineas T. Peacock? *LOL* Presumptuous enough name for such a bird, I suppose. ;)

Bubs said...

I'm looking forward to that Open Skies deal. I'd love to see Ryan Air compete for low-cost air travel from here to Europe.