Monday, April 07, 2008

Big Electric Cat & The Walkman Effect

Music is one of the great memory triggers, and today when I uncovered a cassette mix tape compiled from vinyl records on May 11, 1983, it brought back fond flashes of fellow UNC students I dated that year -- Christine, Susan Korn (an English graduate student, woo-hoo!), Suzanne DePalma. Ha! I whipped together this particular workout tape on that particular day to juice me up: I was heading for Paris that summer with Suzanne. Crazy times but oh, what fun. . . . .

Beat Attack #2, Side A:

Party Party, Elvis Costello
Run Rudolph Run, Dave Edmunds
Little Town Flirt, Altered Images
Yakety Yak, Bad Manners
Tutti Frutti, Sting
No Feelings, Bananarama
Big Electric Cat & The Momur, Adrian Belew
Hangin' On the Telephone, One Way or Another & Rip Her to Shreds, Blondie
Our Lips Are Sealed, The Go-Go's
Freedom of Choice, Devo
Take Me I'm Yours, Squeeze

Side B:

Summer Romance & Let Me Go, The Rolling Stones
Stupefaction, Graham Parker
I Got a Crush on You & You Can Look But You Better Not Touch, Bruce Springsteen
Sweet Little Sixteen, John Lennon
Golden Years & TVC15, Davd Bowie
Hang Fire & She's So Cold, The Rolling Stones
Look Good in Blue, Blondie
Ramrod & Cadillac Ranch, Bruce Springsteen

Yeahdawg! Today's Rune: Fertility.


Pythia3 said...

Great musical mix! Lots of memories. All that and Bananarama! Music does the same for me - mixed with scent / fragrance I'm there, baby, I am back in the past! LOL
Sounds like you, Erik, were that 'little town flirt!'
Hope you're still having fun :)

the walking man said...

I agree with pythia3 about the music mix but cues don't usually work for me because I miss most of them. Like right now Bob Dylan is singing in my ears like he does almost every morning and I forgot I saw him in Philadelphia in '74.

If I need or want to go back I just turn off the present and close my eyes. There are some Woo Whoo's there I don't mind looking at for a inner smile remembered.

Thanks for your kindness Erik



Charles Gramlich said...

Man, Erik, you know I like you, but this music.????? "Golden Years" is OK.

How did you turn out relatively normal listening to this stuff, man? :)

Lana Gramlich said...

I love the Stones' "She's So Cold." Interesting how little sensory clues can bring you back to other times & places...
I'll pass on "Golden Years," though.

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Johnny Yen said...

Great tape, and funny coincidence; May 11, 1983 was my 22nd birthday.

I loved mix tapes! It funny, remembering that they were made in real time. It's so much easier to make a mix cd and even easier to make a mix ipod playlist, but it seems like I used to do it so much more back then. Of course, as a college student and a non-parent back then, I had lots more time.