Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Man in Black

If it was good enough for Johnny Cash, it's good enough for me. Here, the Man in Black looks in apparent amazement at whatever US President Richard Nixon has to say. If there's a transcript of this meeting, I'm gonna find it. Meanwhile, never trust a politican with his hand out in the air. . . . .

Seriously, this outfit favored by Johnny is essentiually what I wore today to school. If one has to wear a tie . . . . . A precocious student once called this "undertaker chic." So simple, so black and white. Did I mention that Spring Break is over?

Today's Rune: Harvest.


Erik Donald France said...

According to the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace Foundation:

"Before the President met Elvis, he met Johnny Cash.

Both visited the White House at the President's invitation, but Mr. Cash did so both as a performer, at a concert for the Nixons and their guests in April 1970, and an advocate of prison reform during an Oval Office meeting in July 1972.

Mr. Cash, an Air Force veteran, also went to South Vietnam to perform for our troops."


Charles Gramlich said...

I miss Johnny Cash. I read a biography of him not long ago. What an interesting fellow.

Pythia3 said...

I love that - 'undertaker chic.' That's great.

I grew up watching Johnny Cash - a part of me liked him and a part of me just starred at that high black 'Dracula' collar!

Yes Erik..."Spring break has broken like the first morning..." lalalala

Lana Gramlich said...

A friend of mine is a US Gov't archivist--he might be able to help you. One of his blogs is here.
"Undertaker chic." *ROFL!*