Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eating Cuban

My choice is to relax travel restrictions for visiting Cuba. At this point, given the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall and everything else that's happened since Cuba's revolution, what kind of sour grapes must US rulers pointlessly perpetuate to keep this ego-driven farce going? Of the three remaining candidates, Barack Black Eagle (as the Crow Nation has donned him) is the wisest -- he favors relaxing restrictions and moving on to the next level. He is most definitely not naive (as Republican ass-clowns like to claim) -- just smart and pragmatic.

Meanwhile, in Detroit, try Vicente's Cuban Cuisine at 1250 Library Street, Detroit, MI 48226. It's worth it -- and fun.

Today's Rune: Fertility.


the walking man said...

Erik you must get out a lot more than I do. I know where Library is but I've never heard of much less eaten in a Cuban rest. What on the menu would you recommend? (something not spicy for wife, hot for me)

I have to agree about the Cuban embargoes. I'm not sure they ever were a good idea even in the face of the great "Commie scare" of the '60s and '70s. For fucks sake we gave for over a decade the largest remaining communist nation, China, which was certainly far more radical and repressive than Cuba, most favored nation trade status.

Is a little island nation that big of a threat or does our nation bow to the Cubano expatriate vote. what a bunch of crap.

It's another small matter that the next president should decide on in Cuba's favor.


Charles Gramlich said...

Hum, so is Barack a Buffalo Soldier?

Erik Donald France said...

Thanks, guys, for the comments --
Mark/WM, their menu:

They have all types of good food (and drink), from little tapas to bigger things. I love the atmposphere.

Charles, funny. Here he'll be riding with the tribes, and there's definitely iron in his words ;->

Erik Donald France said...

PDF Menu:

Johnny Yen said...

I just saw that Fidel has ripped on Obama for favoring the continuation of the embargo. I realize that he's being pragmatic, but the embargo is ridiculous. I really thought that Clinton might end it toward the end of his administration.

My first was was Cuban-- the only woman I've lived with or been married to who could cook. I still miss her black bean soup. And sometimes her.

BTW, Walking Man, Cuban food is not spicy at all. Lots of sandwiches, particularly pork.

We've got a big Cuban population in Chicago, and consequently a few good Cuban places.