Thursday, May 01, 2008

Isn't It NOT Ironic?

Paul Schrader's Blue Collar (1978) seems to get harder to find by the minute -- the DVD resale value is pushing $100. Why? It's a great movie not currently available in any format new, though it should be. The socio-economic feel is completely contemporary and to boot, it's set in Detroit (where it was actually filmed). Paul Schrader hits every piston ranging from race relations, money issues, Detroit as character, gender issues, and everything in between. Plenty of conflict, character development, and plot twists. And terrific work by Yaphet Kotto, Harvey Keitel and Richard Pryor. More to discuss, but enough for now . . .

Today's Rune: Movement.


the walking man said...

If you're rich you can buy it if you're anything else you have to fight for it.

Amazingly prescient.

Peace Erik...keep reading you'll wade through them.


Charles Gramlich said...

Never saw this. I bet Lana would like it.