Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is the Modern World!

Well, folks, this has been another interesting day. We've got John McCain predicting that the Iraq War and Occupation can be "won" by 2013. We've got G.W. Bush cheering on Israel and comparing active diplomacy with appeasement. We've got the right of gay marriage upheld in California. And we've got Democrats in Congress actually standing tall against the crybaby bully boys. Folks, in the words of The Jam, this is the modern world!

Between Neanderthals and progressives, between the past and the future, between fantasy and reality: our choice.

With John Edwards, I choose Barack Obama.

If we go with McCain (or McSame, as some wags call him), we'd be committed to extending the war through his entire first (and probably only) term in office. The American Revolution only lasted eight years, the American Civil War, four. Which Americans in their right minds would accept that the Iraq War is less than half over? Which Americans would want to keep sending their own soldiers into the longest war in American history, and to what end?

As for Bush, he has no comprehension of history or, apparently, much of anything else. Gore Vidal once suggested it's as if the man is living in a dream. His dream -- nearly everyone else's nightmare. And only 249 days to go . . . . .

As for lifting the ban on gay marriages in California, it's a victory for civil rights that clearly draws a distinction between civil and religious ceremonies.

On May 7, 2006, I wrote this and still stand by it:

I love how some conservative Christian groups think they're the only real party of God. One of their prime missions seems to be to undercut civil and human rights, particularly for gay citizens. Why these organizations are so obsessed with people's sexual orientation makes no sense to me, but to them, I suppose it has to do with reproduction. I don't really care, because gay, lesbian, and trans-gendered people must have the same legal and cultural rights and protection as heterosexuals. End of story. Abortion rights must also be protected. As a friend of mine recently put it, if a woman's right to her own body is taken away, we might as well be living under the Taliban. Yeah, the Christian Taliban.

Today's Rune: Growth. Much better day today. It's pay day and I'm stocked up on good coffee again. Oorah!


the walking man said...

So uhhh Erik I take it you find the current administration and its core support disingenuous and distasteful?

McCain just a continuation of the same failed foreign policy?

Obama the cure for the past and the light of the future?

OK just checking. Just checking even though I don't necessarily have the same take on all of this.

Gay and abortion right, unequivocally though we share commonality.


Anonymous said...

No wonder the devout Muslims want us dead. Abortion and homosexuality are anathema to them. No wonder we're in the longest war in U.S. history. We've got to win this one for the queers and baby killers.--Patton

Charles Gramlich said...

I tell you I'm so naive. I didn't realize McCain was quite so dangerous until he made that comment about winning the Iraq conflict in 4 years. Well, it certainly made my voting job even easier.

the walking man said...

So asexual anonymous, does patton want us to dictate foreign policy according to a religion? sorry wiseass that is anathema to the constitution.

t said...

We're not so different.
Hizb = Political Party
Allah = God