Friday, June 06, 2008

That Petrol Emotion

$150 a barrel by Independence Day, eh? Today oil hit $138.54, so it's not such a great leap upward to hit that black magic number. How are things changing in your neck of the woods? I've noticed a differential at some gas stations between credit and cash for the first time in many years. My Shell card has a higher credit line, even though I never asked for it.

There are noticeably fewer large vehicles on the road in Metro Detroit, and automakers are furiously shifting gears to smaller more energy efficient models. I'm amazed, though, how many lazy people still burn up fuel at fast food drive-throughs. That'll change -- no question.

Looking for a job? Plenty of new jobs for guardians of energy, border guards and in riot control, military, mercenary and private contracting. Ah, the humanity of it all . . . . .

Spent just under $52 tanking up the other day -- the most ever in my life. One can feel the pinch. Good luck out there, road warriors!

Today's Rune: Fertility.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm trying to drive as little as possible. Thank goodness I'm largely a stay at home kinda guy.

Erik Donald France said...

Oil nations corner U.S. 4:07pm ET

Resource nationalism in oil producing countries is cordoning off supplies, leaving the U.S. few options to battle a looming crunch.

Analysts' View "Stunning" rise

Stocks plunge on jobless rate, oil

Israel: Attack on Iran "unavoidable"

-- Reuters

Sidney said...

I can remember days when I would buy cheap gas for my Chevy Celebrity. Ten bucks wouldn't top it off but it would keep me going a while.

I'm glad I've held onto my Honda Civic these days. Roofs showing a little paint fade, but I can live with that.

I was getting gas the other day and saw the previous purchase on the pump was $90.


Lana Gramlich said...

Don't forget that everyone who's ANYone is upping their prices based on oil, too. Our garbage collector (we have to pay for private pickup out here,) just cut our pickups in half--but the price remains the same. Fortunately I found someone else today who'll give me the deal I USED to have.

Danny Tagalog said...

Gone up to 180 yen in Tokyo (was 130 for a while). Yes, packed trains and fewer cars.

Same all over the world. Like we are in a World Government in all but name, like we are in a ...

That Petrol Emotion burned well for twenty minutes but became plasticine in the end.

Big Decision - that's the top one!

the walking man said...

Watching yesterday (Saturday) I saw that most errands were being run, causing a very high volume of road use. It would appear that unless it is on the pump price signs that no one gets it!

I strongly suggest that everyone who can, stay home during the week end...using the roads for household errands during the week, investigate hypermiling, a new way to drive, back the fuck off from the car in front of you, and pull back from energy consumption.