Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Atlanta to Old Ninety Six, 1982

[Stopped in Atlanta to meet our Dad at the airport and then Aunt Sue, since deceased, and her man Jim and their dog, Mr. Chips. Linda's notes continue, September 1982:]

On way to Athens . . . Erik's listening to WUGA 90.5 Athens student radio, the University of Georgia station. Cool tunes. Goodyear blimp over the city.

Heading towards Elberton, Georgia on 72.

Granite capitol of the world. Towards Hartwell, ten minues on RG (77N). Georgia Guidestones [a sort of mini-Stonehenge obelisk and Rosetta Stone for the New Age].

Wow! Personal tour with Charlie Clamp, stone cutter (55 years old, born in 1927). Near wagon, Mullanoch's[?] construct[ion?] cargo. Nine miles from 1st National, downtown Elberton. "Letters will last 1600 years." "Guidestones for Life." Like the foundation of Stonehenge --> polar star, east/west sunrise. Greek, Babylonian, Egyptian, Sanskrit. 300 tons? 8 1/2 tons? Special shed. EGS Granite Company. Eight most spoken languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew, Swahili. Kerosene and water to clean, polish surface.

Old Ninety Six (96 miles from a Creek village). Well-preserved forts, semi-reconstruction [except for the Star Fort, which is the original, pictured above by the National Park Service]. Lots left to do [Ninety Six National Historic Site near Ninety Six, South Carolina. In 1781 during the American Revolution, about 1,000 revolutionaries besieged about 550 Loyalists for nearly a month before calling off the siege. A fascinating site and siege, usually overlooked in US history textbooks.]

Today's Rune: Opening.


Charles Gramlich said...

Uh oh, a "STone Cutter!" I saw that episode of the Simpsons.

the walking man said...

If there is no high ground build a redoubt.

Sidney said...

I used to visit a friend in Atlanta. One of the first trips I took after I'd been in my first job a while was there, and we went down to Little Five Points and hung out in clubs and looked around. Good times.

Lana Gramlich said...

Neat remains of the star-shaped fort! *attaches the stone of triumph around Charles' neck*

Enemy of the Republic said...

Hey, I just noticed the word Rune. I read runes--not well--I'm a novice. Do you read them? Dog, you are cool. No wonder the Walking Man digs ya.

Erik Donald France said...

Thanks, y'all for the commentos'

Charles and Lana -- a Mason by any other name?

Walking man -- undoubtedly redoubtable :->

Sidney -- Atlanta has some hot spots, certainly, and tons of history as well as the old 688 club for music.

Enemy of the Republic (could there be a cooler name?) -- merci! Brownyn Jones helped Ralph Blum with the more recent versions -- I've never met her, but she's the sister of my aunt Josephine, who's married to my Uncle Richard Shaffer. Small world, indeed. Plus, some Viking blood, so gotta love those runes . . . . . They seem to be on the something, at least energywise -- helpful to set the stage for each day. My least favorite are Standstill, Constraint, Disruption, Separation. Favorites include Fertility, Joy, Movement, Breakthrough, Harvest, Partnership, Flow, Journey, Wholeness . . .