Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drilling and Spilling

Poor John McCain. First, Hurricane Dolly denied him access for a "Mission Accomplished" photo op on an oil well, telling his fellow Americans to drill for oil everywhere we can find it in and around the USA. Then, an oil spill in the Mississippit River. Now, gas prices are falling. McCain's ideas regarding energy policy are 1) Stupid 2) Greedy 3) Ignorant 4) Careless, reckless 5) Republican 6) Short-sighted 7) Essentially the same as Bush-Cheney and the infamous pre-9/11 National Energy Policy Development Group or "Energy Task Force." 8) Downright Evil.

If McCain manages to win or steal this one -- and I pray to God he doesn't -- let him start the drilling just offshore Miami, Florida. Let the drilling go into the backyards of the gated rich, in their golf courses and swimming pools, in their country clubs and yacht clubs. Let them drink their freaking oil!

As for the rest of us, let's take this as an opportunity to try new (and old) things. Bust a move!

Today's Rune: Warrior.


Charles Gramlich said...

You're right on about having the drilling go on in their own backyards. Look how bent out of shape Edward Kennedy got when they could just barely "see" some wind power generators from their coastal castle home. I hope McCain doesn't win either, but there are plenty of rich politicians on the democratic side who are just as greasy about the whole thing.

Erik Donald France said...


Absolutely true. The common ingredient -- filthy rich aristocracies. At least Obama (and Clinton and Carter) fought their way to relative wealth.

Erik Donald France said...

p.s. the trigger inspiration for this diatribe was receiving an email message from the RNC equating Democrats with high gas prices, and claiming offshore drilling would provide some miraculous immediate relief without any aknowledgement of much bigger context and even bigger questions about lifestyle, and other choices, and other policies. Pissed me off, obviously ;->

the walking man said...

Business is business and wealth has no political party. them with it will vote their pocketbook same as those without it.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've seen the idiotic attempt to equate democrats with higher gas prices. Unfortunately, some people fall for that kind of silliness.

Lana Gramlich said...

I agree completely! McCain should've been in the Quarter right after the spill. That was a damned fine smell, from what I understand. Of course, we're STILL dealing with cleanup (although it's falling off of the news-radar.) Most recently, oil has been found in the mud at the bottom of the river.