Sunday, July 20, 2008

Musical Chairs, Revolving Wars a la Orwell

Okay, so: there's a lot of buzz about the current Hotel California president, G.W. Bush, either bombing Iran or letting the Israeli Air Force do their best first.

I saw a report today via UPI citing an Israeli official who claims Bush will launch a U.S. operation between election day and his last day in office, sort of like General Jack Ripper in Dr. Strangelove (imagine Dick Cheney riding a "newcular" bomb as it goes to target).

Moreover, imagine what such a catastrophe would do to everybody but the rich and famous living in their gated compounds and gilded mine shafts . . . More than just higher gas prices, I'm guessing.

Has anyone read George Orwell's 1984 lately? Not only are we enduring (and allowing) doublespeak and Big Brother, but how about bizarre revolving wars started from on high?

Consider things since 1980. First, the Reagan-Bush folks replace Jimmy Carter, giving the green light to contras in Central America (1981+), Israel in the Middle East, and kudos to Saddam Hussein for his invasion of Iran (1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War). Israel invades Lebanon (1982), Panama's Manuel Noriega gets CIA backing, Saddam Hussein gets US intel and logistical support. US goes into Lebanon, pulls out after Marines are killed in barracks bombing (1983), but promptly invades Grenada (1983).

Iran-Contra affair puts a damper on things for while, but only after Reagan-Bush have traded arms for hostages and sent a cake, a Bible and TOW missiles to Iran. Israel likes to see Iran-Iraq War, and supports Reagan-Bush happily. Oh yeah, Israel launches air strike against Iraq in 1981 with US backing. Reagan-Bush aggressively arm and support Islamic insurgents against Soviets and their allies in Afghanistan for two presidential terms, 1981-1989.

Fast forward to 1989, with Bush, Sr., as president. Bush-Quayle (and we thought Spiro Agnew was a buffoon) order invasion of Panama to take out former Reagan-Bush "ally," Manuel Noriega, who to this day sits in a Florida prison.

1990, Saddam Hussein orders the invasion of Kuwait, the "19th province of Iraq" artificially created by the British Empire after WWI for the purposes of protecting its oil interests and dividing and conquering the "natives," initiating the Persian Gulf War.

The US then begins massing (with diplomatic construction of real coalition partners) and launching Operation Desert Storm in 1991 with limited military objectives -- drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait and contain Hussein's battered military remnants.

Fast forward to G.W. Bush-Cheney. 9/11/2001. With the Russians out since the late 80s and Taliban in power, invasion and occupation of Afghanistan/Operation Enduring Freedom, 2001-present.

March 20, 2003-present: Bush-Cheney begin elective war (Operation Iraqi Freedom), widely known as the Iraq War or Second Persian Gulf War.

2006: Israel invades Lebanon again, a sequel to the 1982 war.

2008: speculation about air and naval strikes against Iran, Republican candidate John McCain having already joked he'd "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" if he was president, and Bush-Cheney seemingly willing to do just that themselves. Time will tell.

The real question is this: who have been "the winners" of Reagan-Bush-Quayle-Bush-Cheney's policies? Follow the money . . . . .

To follow up on yesterday's post, here's a still from Shaft's Big Score (1972).

One answer to the world's issues is to hook up freely across cultures -- diversity! Like Mexican-born Salma Hayek (Jiménez), of Lebanese-Spanish descent. She recently had a kid with a Frenchman, and though they just called off a tentative wedding, this is the way to go! Mix the gene pool widely! We've still got too many "hang ups" as a species. Make love, not war!

Today's Rune: Journey.


Charles Gramlich said...

I really, really hope he doesn't do anything that stupid. If he does he should be imprisoned, or better yet, sent to the front.

Johnny Yen said...

I re-read 1984 in the summer of 1984 as I started work toward my Master's in Political Science, and the revolving wars, whose purpose was to create a perpetual war state, in which the state can curtail civil liberties was to me the most important point of the book. Instead, most people take the book as a simple diatriabe against communism. They miss the most important message.

Johnny Yen said...

RE Salma Hayek, if she's looking for volunteers to mix up her gene pool, I'll be first in line to volunteer to add my Irish/Slovenian/Czech/English/German genes.

Anonymous said...

The family unit is the basis for all civilizations, not shacking up.--Emile Durkheim

Bubs said...

I guess it's time to re-read 1984. I did Animal Farm a few years ago, it held up pretty well.

There's an apocalyptic fear in the air, and I'm seeing signs of it, and hearing the fear voiced, in all kinds of places I never saw it before.

Erik Donald France said...

Thanks y'all for the comments!

Charles, we'll see soon enough, I guess. His rear echelon will probably be the Crawford Ranch, regardless. Hopefully centered around Shinerbock and no more evil mischief.

Johnny, exactly. On both counts ;->

"Emile" -- received dogma always provides comfort and easy answers, until flattened by its own karma, at least.

Bubs, never fear. Swankiness always prevails, eventually. Except when it doesn't ;->

Cheers, all!

MacGuffin said...

Man, I am sooo scared this country is gonna be dumb enought to elect McCain! He's actually gaining in the polls which I find completely baffling. Do people really want an extra war squeezed in with Iran or what? Not to mention all the de-regulation that's f-ing up our economy by the Republicans. Jesus!