Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Weirdness: Western Tennessee, 1982

[From my sister Linda's notes, September 1982. After Shiloh:]

On to gas, food, bank and Jackson, Tennessee (State #2/22/23 but Georgia will be number 22).

"1,300 happy people in Adamsville, biggest little town in Tennessee, home of Buford Pusser." [See Walking Tall (1973), starring Texas-born Joe Don Baker -- and compare with Death Wish (1974), starring Charles Bronson.]

Arrive in Selmer, 92 degrees, clear skies with intermittent clouds. First National Bank in Selmer, Tenn., on 45 to cash a $50.00 traveler's cheque. Nice old town -- typical East Stroudsburg style downtown.

[Like Twin Peaks, actually. Buford Pusser spent a lot of time working the streets of Selmer, and the court rooms, back in the 1960s and early 1970s. More recently, Mary Carol Winkler shot to death her abusive preacher husband Matthew in 2006 (after experiencing three kids and ten years of marriage together). "I guess that's when my ugly came out," she quipped. . . . . A good rationale, apparently, since she only had to serve under a year in prison (and such) and is now a free woman again. Next, a drag race gone wrong in Selmer on June 15, 2007, resulted in the deaths of six people -- the driver's trial is scheduled for November 3, 2008. Stay tuned for more Western Tennessee weirdness!]

Pinson Mounds (Middle Woodland Period, ca. 1-500 A.D. or C.E.), 2.5 miles east of 45 in Magic Valley, Tenn. [For more, see:]

Casey Jones Museum in Jackson ["Casey Jones, you better watch your speed . . ."]. Exit 126, 641 North. Nathan Bedford Forrest Park at turnoff.

Sprinkling rain and sunshine alternates in our northward journey toward Fort Donelson and the land between the lakes.

Paris, Tennessee: "World's Biggest Fish Fry." Huge catfish emblem, N79.

Finally, on to Fort Donelson . . . . .

Today's Rune: Joy.


Charles Gramlich said...

The original Walking Tall movie with Buford Pusser was a pretty damn good movie. Not the remake, though

Anonymous said...

Hoter than a pepper sprout?

JR's Thumbprints said...

That's such a great name ... Buford Pusser, Buford Pusser, Buford Pusser ... it has I nice ring to it.

the walking man said...

I hadn't heard Nancy sing that song since it received much air play for Detroit's ex-pat southern community.

Nathan Bedford Forrest whataguy KKK just a way for vets to meet up.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I agree with Charles. The remake wasn't much.

So you lived in the South. May I ask where or is that in other posts?

It's so hot here that I bet the South has nothing on Philly.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy this Detroit connection, via WM.

Bubs said...

In the words of Lux Interior:

"Now there's more things
in Tennessee

Than's dreamed of in your

Erik Donald France said...

Thanks all for the comments!

Charles -- I agree. Anon, absolutely. Jim -- yeahdawg!
Mark/WM -- indeed. Taylortucky or bust! First with the most. Enemy of the Republic -- thanks for coming by! I've lived in North Carolina (long while) and three times (briefer jaunts) in Virginia. And Philly, 1992-1995.
Bubs -- right on ;->

Cheers all!