Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Like Bloods and Crips: The Final Weeks of Election 2008

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This electoral-weighted map suggests just how nutty Alaska's Governor Palin is to throw stones at the "Eastern Elites." This is not new to McCain's impulsive thinking, though: consider how he "inspired" Georgia's hot headed president to take on Russia, and exactly how badly that turned out. (In case you can't see it, Alaska in weighted votes is the little red nugget that looks like a chewed up piece of candy spit out of California).

In any case, thanks for all the great comments! A recent one by Charles Gramlich about last night's debate in Nashville inspired this post's title: "I noticed Obama wore a blue tie and McCain wore a red one. It's the Crips and Bloods at the national level." Not only hilarious, but perfect!

And from Mark aka Walking Man: "Seeing as how this election has de-evolved, I think it is time to get UN observers in place. Didn't the map have similar proportions in 2000?"

The difference is: eight years of Bush. This is a positively channeled uprising. Enough of Republican rule for now, anyway. Barack Obama is set to win the 2008 presidential election and, as Bill Clinton put it, "win handily." Out with the Bloods (Red crew), in with the Crips (Blue crew)!


JR's Thumbprints said...

This last debate seemed too controlled and not at all like a townhall meeting. The only wrecklessness on each candidate's part was to go over their allotted time. No respect for Brokaw. Needed a different moderator.

the walking man said...

Street fighting boy's, razors out and the blood flows. Just another Saturday night in the barrios of politics.

Anonymous said...

"That one"; translation: The negro candidate.--Black Like Me

Charles Gramlich said...

Obama in O 8

Anonymous said...

McCain shows he has no respect for Obama referring to him as "that one". Obma is a fine human being who happens to be not totally white. The color of ones skin is not the measure of a man or woman.If McCain knows whre Bin Laden is and how to get him why doesn't he tell the commanders in the field? Does he plan to lead the charge hin self? Kip