Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hope on a Tightrope

We're so close now to Election Day, what a breathtaking marathon . . .

This evening, picked up a copy of the latest work by Cornel West, Hope on a Tightrope: Words & Wisdom (SmileyBooks, November 2008 -- as in the always cool Tavis Smiley). A wonderful book'o'the times, and a keeper for the follow-through of this election and beyond, steeped in history and culture. I knew it was out there, but it was hard to find -- placed in "Psychology" for some reason. When I got home, figured I'd start it for now and finish it later, but once I began reading, couldn't put it down until reaching the end, page 237. Highly recommended, and it would make a nifty gift book. Includes a CD that I'm aiming to listen to tomorrow. The shape (about the size of a DVD case) and layout are nice touches, as well -- a variety of fonts and points, photos and chapters, a glossary of key terms and a coda: "The Books and Music That Made Me." John Coltrane is there (yeahdawg!). "I believe music is deeper than philosophy," West notes, and I couldn't agree more. But there's also plenty of philosophy, and deep-felt Christianity, too, in Hope on a Tightrope.

In all, I vote for Cornel West's wit and wisdom about 90% of the time.

About Barack Obama, there's much remarked obliquely and some directly. It's hard not to agree with this summation: "Obama's brilliance, charisma and organizational genius have been a grand catalyst for hope. The verdict is not yet in whether he can maintain his hope on a tightrope." Hoping for hope, let's hope he -- and we -- can . . .

Today's Rune: The Mystery Rune.


Sidney said...

That is a good phrase and certainly one to contemplate. It will be interesting to see what can grow from the potential, all depending on how Tuesday turns out.

Charles Gramlich said...

we're all walking tightropes these days.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the read Erik. Well writen. I agree with sidney, See how Tuesday turns out. MW

Mark Krone said...


Thanks for the tip on Cornell's book. Sounds great.

Here is a poem I wrote in honor of Senator Obama.

With justifiably high hopes for tomorrow,

Mark (Krone)

Election Day

In the anxious hours of early morning

the small weather station atop Mount Washington reported Rustling.

On 10th Street, a night cleaner coming off duty heard something in
the Dress Circle at Ford's Theatre but when he looked up, nothing.

Just off Mulberry Street, yesterday's Memphis Daily News whipped
into a mini tornado in the parking lot of the Lorraine Motel.

Pilots working cross-country red-eyes
reported Whirlwinds dancing on the tops of the Rockies, the Smokies
and the Sierra Nevada.

And after sunrise, a Rumbling through the Plains. Birds flew in great flocks

as one.

On their way to vote, early workers leaned into Gusts down the center of
Market Street, Wabash Avenue and along La Cienaga.

Election Day.

Wall Street blushed; Main Street smiled.

Worry and exhaustion was for last night.

Hope is for today.

Erik Donald France said...

Thank you all so much for the comments!

Mark, wow -- thank you for that. Beautiful.