Friday, February 27, 2009

Implosion and Reconstruction

Is your bank imploding? How about credit? I never put much value in Wall Streeters or investment gurus anyway.

It's fun to watch Obama lay the groundwork for whatever comes next. Infrastructure, salvaging the middle class, civil society. If the Republicans are croaking, something good is happening.

Wonder how your bank or credit union is faring these days? Here are a couple links to see if the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) might be in your future:

Don't be afraid to shift assets around. Know your rights and explore options. Cover your assets and don't be afraid, unless you're a rich prick with a lot to lose.

Today's Rune: Defense


Anonymous said...

Guys with hedge funds don't lose. They win going up and win going down.--Warren Boofait

Anonymous said...

The quarters we have been saving with all the states might as well be put to good use. No sense in saving cents, all those pennies in a jar. They are worth more than the 500 shares I have that are not worth a sou.

Sidney said...

Man these are wild times. I'm perplexed by people who think there's not a problem. I talked to one guy the other day who said, "Oh, we just need to wait six months and everything will be fine." Another person said: "They're reporting seasonal layoffs as part of the big picture. Unemployment's not that bad." ?!

May we make it through these "interesting times."

the walking man said...

Did you by any chance catch Limbaugh on CNN giving a speech live to his sheep?

You could tell the prick was all about protecting his own ass etts above and beyond anything else.

Defending them "who make the wealth" decrying them who work for a living as stupid. and every one else with out a job as a lazy ass welfare sucking bitch.

Johnny Yen said...

I read yesterday that Elie Weisel lost everything he had in the Maddow scheme, and his organization lost 15 million. The banks and hedge funds were building on a foundation of sand. It's horrible.