Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Company Formerly Known as Blackwater

The company formerly known as Blackwater International is now, I kid you not, called Xe (pronounced like Z, the great Costa-Gavras film featuring the Greek paramilitary organization, CROC -- Christian Royalist Organization against Communism). Blackwater resembled CROC and was heavily bankrolled by US tax payers; it was used to supplement the US military, to provide security and logistical support for the occupation of Iraq (the Iraqi government has since kicked it out, due to a number of controversial "incidents"), among other sites chosen for its operations by the Bush-Cheney administration. There was a direct connection between Blackwater's ideological affinities, its actions, its contacts and its contracts. Blackwater formed the core of Condaleeza Rice and the State Department's paramilitary security team in Iraq, a sort of Freikorps, American style.

Erik D. Prince, Chairman and CEO of Blackwater International and Xe, an über-conservative Christian promoter, has given $1,000 or more in contributions to such guardians of the Right as Jesse Helms, Pat Buchanan, Rick Santorum, G.W. Bush, Tom DeLay and Oliver North. I won't even go into the many Michigan connections at this juncture. It's all part of the public record, there to see for anyone willing to do a little basic research on the internet.

Here's a timely snippet from Bill Sizemore's recent article, "Xe returns to training roots after 'implosion in the swamp'" (Norfolk/Hampton Roads Virginia-Pilot, March 15, 2009):

Blackwater founder Erik Prince announced earlier this month that he was stepping down as chief executive and bringing in a new leadership team.

Other than Prince, who will remain as chairman but is stepping away from daily oversight of the company, all of the top-level executives who steered Blackwater through its tempestuous first decade are gone.

Link to article: http://hamptonroads.com/2009/03/xe-returns-roots-after-implosion-swamp

As the Obama Administration re-orients American foreign policy, it's moving away from such propaganda rhetoric that surrounded "The War on Terror" and Bush-Cheney-Rice's over-reliance on paramilitary or private security groups like Blackwater. I'd love to see a renaming of "Homeland Security" as well. In any case, so far, so good.

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Charles Gramlich said...

A Freikorps indeed. Our SS even?

Sidney said...

They are an interesting group. Don't quite know the point of Xe.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Michigan connections? Hey, people gotta buy their soap. What better way to do that then with a little networking - even if Amway changed its name.

Lana Gramlich said...

How did I KNOW that these freaks would be connected in some way to the Religious Right? *snort*

Ali said...

Unfortunately Balckwater did many bad and illegal things in Iraq, from killing civilians to stealing Iraqi property, but who would invistigate such a thing, Rice, Chenny, I don't think so.

the walking man said...

I agree with Ali...will the present administration?

Anonymous said...

Here few people know of the existence of Blackwater, only donates much attention in the news. Recently i was knowing the resignation of an executive - head on behalf of operations in Iraq. Some details, but little thing! I don't have a correct view on the organization. Beijus

Johnny Yen said...

Xe/Z? That's beautiful irony. The right wing is always good for unintentional irony that-- case in point, Nixon's people forming the Committee to Re-Elect the President-- CREEP.

I hope someone goes in and kicks ass-- the Iraqi civilians suffered mightily under Blackwater. People need to do hard time.

Ali said...

I read they did tasks in Iraq for 5 billion that could have been done for us$600,000.....hmm let me wonder who benefited from all this,,,is it Condolesa Rice that everyone was happy to see on Jay Leno last week! Maybe!