Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pontiac and Tecumseh

Pontiac and Tecumseh left their mark in names, legacies, everything from city names to car names to new warrior names (such as William Tecumseh Sherman). Pontiac fought against the British and Anglo-Americans, Tecumseh fought with the British and is an important figure in Canadian history.

Both Pontiac and Tecumseh had an impact on Detroit and the "Detroit line" of defenses, whether British or American. 1763 and 1812 seem like yesterday in the grand scheme of things. Certainly to the tribes who fought there, if not to the people who came long afterward.

Tecumseh died fighting.

Today's Rune: Protection.


jodi said...

Eric, I remember in grade school singing a song about the beauty of the Indian names in Michigan. Wonder if they still use that song?

the walking man said...

It all seems so close because except for the scenery, little has changed, man is still man. We remember men in history and compare them from yesterday to those today and what is different eh? Not much.