Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, all! To family, friends, peers, readers, acquaintances; to the sick and the afflicted; to those in the trenches, and to those scraping by. 2009 is better than 1917, yes, better than 1939, and let's hope 2010 is better than 2009, with more jobs, and wisdom, and more every day kindnesses, and no more world wars in our midst.

Today I worked with a woman whose father was a POW in the Korean War; she wept about the Vietnam War Memorial in DC. What set her off, I don't know -- maybe it's just that time of year to remember. And so we do.

Three cheers! Fight the good fight, and keep the faith. Salud!

Today's Rune:


the walking man said...

I love to fight still, even though the body ain't what it used to be I am still willing to use it as needed. Just with a bit more smarts behind the fist so to speak.

Johnny Yen said...

Let's hope we see peace in our lifetime.

The Korean War was unbelievably brutal. The United States was totally unprepared for it. The number of American deaths in three years were about the same as the number of deaths in the much-longer Vietnam War. I recommend Clay Blair's "The Forgotten War."