Sunday, December 20, 2009

Elvis Costello: Oliver's Army is Here to Stay

Elvis Costello: A Singing Dictionary (1980) covers his first five albums, 1977-1980. My copy is a little tattered from lugging around over the years and it's been supplanted by the internet, remaining as an artifact of old school publishing.

The first three albums are still priceless. Things started brimming over with Get Happy! and Taking Liberties -- almost too much too fast to absorb at the time.  And except for Blood & Chocolate (1986), it's been that way ever since.

From the Get Happy!! album, I dig especially "Clowntown is Over" and from Taking Liberties, "(I Don't Want to Go to) Chlesea" and "Crawling to the U.S.A."

Most recently, Spectacle: Elvis Costello with . . .  is a cool show aired in the US on Sundance, featuring diverse musical guests ranging from Bill Clinton to Lou Reed.

Today's Rune: The Mystery Rune.


JR's Thumbprints said...

And what about his wife? D. Krall. Stange musical combination, don't you think?

Elvis certainly had his own unique style. My favorite: "Everyday I write the book."

Charles Gramlich said...

Did you see his guest spot on Frazier? Was cool.