Monday, December 07, 2009

Rocky and Bullwinkle

One of the wonderful aspects of The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show was its mix of history, myth, fantasy and zaniness. Creative thinking. I remember, for instance, the Battle of Gettysburg being played out like a football game on a field that was also mined (if memory serves). Since it was a cartoon, no problem. Rocky & Bullwinkle celebrate their fiftieth anniversary this year, along with the Cuban Revolution and Motown.

Characters that come to mind beside the leads: Mr. Peabody and Sherman; Dudley Do-Right; Natasha and Boris. With them, anything was possible, from fairytales and fables to the Cold War and poetry. Let's not forget time travel via the WABAC Machine. The cleverness and joie de vivre devotailed later with shows like Batman; time travel made its way into Time Tunnel and a heap of other 60s series.

Rocky & Bullwinkle have long since dug their way into conciousness, burrowing deep and only now resurfacing after many many years.

Today's Rune: Growth.


the walking man said...

And now a word from Bullwinkle's Corner.

I Love Little Pussy

Charles Gramlich said...

I loved that show. Especially Mr. Peabody.

Lana Gramlich said...

I remember about 10 years ago a friend & I stayed up all night watching a R&B marathon. Good times. We just got a copy of this DVD for our library, too!