Friday, January 01, 2010

Mary Karr: Lit

Good start to the New Year.  Superb Mexican breakfast with excellent friends -- two more of them now married -- in San Antonio, and I'm also about a third through Mary Karr's latest, Lit: A Memoir (2009), which is thoroughly enjoyable.  This is the adult installment, after her first two memoirs,  The Liars' Club (1995) and Cherry (2000).  Will post more when I finish, but for now, her voice is consistent with the earlier works and dovetails nicely with them and with Sinners Welcome: Poems (2006).

Meanwhile, RIP Rachel Wetzsteon, another poet, who "died by her own hand" around Christmas time at age 42.  As for Mary Karr -- very much still  alive -- she turns 55 on  January 16th. 

Happy 2010, dear readers!

Today's Rune:  Movement.


jodi said...

Erik, those books I will for sure be looking into. I gotta put 'em on my reading list or I will forget for sure. I am getting so addled! Mexican breakfast, huh? Sounds great!

Charles Gramlich said...

Now I want some good Mexican food, man. said...

Oh, Don't you love huevos rancheros!

Hurts to eat, but wow. Speedy Gonzales likes! Fiery food tastes good. Must have more fire food.
Hasta Fuego!

Happy New Year from Swifty Gazelle.

Adorably Dead said...

I love memoirs and biographies. And damn you make me want Mexican even more now.

Erik Donald France said...

Hey all, thanks for the comments! Huevos con chorizo, a breakfast taco (barbacoa) and wedding cookies, with strong coffee. Yeahdawg!