Saturday, January 23, 2010

South Philadelphia: Melrose Diner

If you like diners and go to Philadelphia, why not check out Melrose Diner?   Open for business since 1935, it's at 1501 Snyder Avenue (not far from where Passyunk Avenue intersects), Philadelphia, PA 19145.   Used to frequent it late at night (open 24/7) during graduate school years at Temple University, 1992-1995.  The uniformed staff at the time was composed largely of very efficient Melrose long-timers.  One of the oddities of the place: booths with partitions allowing two parties to sit when the place fills up.  All sorts of people come in for the coffee, food and atmosphere.

As an aside, in September 1993, Frank Baldino, Sr., a presumed affiliate of organized crime, was gunned down in the parking lot by members of a rival faction.  Police tape marked the spot.

Today's Rune: Flow.  Photo by G. Widman.


Luma Rosa said...

Music "Melrose Diner" of "Wonder Years" it was elaborated in its homage? It forgives me, perhaps for in the distance, never had heard to speak! (laughs)

Bom fim de semana! Beijus,

Erik Donald France said...

Luma, you know more from Brazil than I do -- checked it out and yes, the band The Wonder Years is from Philly and has a song called "Melrose Diner." Seems to be about someone after their ex-, while also annoyed. Must be the same setting, for sure. Cheers'

Erik Donald France said...

i.e. pining after their ex-

the walking man said...

It may be a phantom memory but I do believe I had food there in 73/74. Look awfully familiar.