Thursday, August 26, 2010

«Cherchez la femme!»

Variations on an archetype. What is the same and what is different? As with tarot decks, chess sets and religious iconography, anyone familiar with one example of a set will probably be able to discern common threads or tropes in another. 

Within this post are included three examples of Lotería card number 3: LA DAMA. Off the cuff, we can tell they're all from within the last century. Besides that, what? Each casts a shadow, yes. What else?

La Lotería dates back to quite a little while ago (centuries). I wonder what some of the earlier images looked like? How did LA DAMA appear then? How will LA DAMA appear in 2060?

Today's Rune: Signals.   


Sidney said...

All wearing hats. Position's the same on the first two. Interesting.

Charles Gramlich said...

I got distracted by the short skirt on the last one.

Lana Gramlich said...

I'm afraid to imagine what La Dama 2060's going to look like, to be honest. Fortunately I'm unlikely to be here to witness her.