Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wim Wenders: Buena Vista Social Club

You like music? You like cultural survival? You got an open mind and heart? If any of these apply, you just might totally dig Buena Vista Social Club, Wim Wenders' 1999 documentary. It's amazing stuff, vibrant, visually colorful, musically terrific.

Ry Cooder and crew assemble old school Cuban musicians and singers for recording sessions in the studio and on the road. We catch all sorts of glimpses of Cuban life and texture, embracing but not limited to music, cars and architecture. There are many touching snippets, interwoven with beautiful singing and sumptuous instrumentals. Swirling (and dizzying) takes of Ibrahim Ferrer's dueting with Omara Portuando, folks talking in their domeciles and in various interiors and exteriors -- it's all memorable. And I loved seeing dudes in their 80s and 90s smoking cigars and taking a nip, quite hale and hearty and happy.

Today's Rune: Journey.


jodi said...

Erik, I've seen BVSC and it's great. Ilove cuban food and music and plan to visit Cuba one day..

Ido Atlasian said...

I have written about this as well. I love the documentary and watch it again from time to time. Aren't they gorgeous? There are only a few "if"s in my life. One of them is not being able to wacth İbrahim Ferrer live. Actually they had been to Istanbul several times and also to Germany when I was there but for some reason I could not go to their concerts. It's such a shame. Now, without Ferrer they are still incredible but I miss his voice and sweet soul.